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Bear Away’s music studio offers a full suite of audio and video production services specializing in pre-production, recording/engineering, mixing, songwriting, producing, post production, and artist/live performance consultation. From solo singer/songwriters to full band acts, we will take your sound and visuals to the next level and further your development as an artist.

Our work with podcasters, filmmakers, and other creators has allowed us to expand our abilities into other forms of digital media. We are now able to offer extensive composition/arranging, foley, ADR, and audio post production services.

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Pat Risi - Engineer, Composer, Producer

Pat is an engineer and producer with a degree in Music Production from Ramapo College. With a background in composition, recording, mixing, and artist development, Pat is dedicated to go above and beyond for each project and artist no matter what it takes. Using state of the art gear, Pat's expertise in the technical and creative applications of audio paired with the friendly and open atmosphere of Bear Away Studios makes him an easy choice in working with artists and creators at any stage in their careers. 


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